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Gain exposure to a wide selection of professional paid and free job boards with just one click!
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Recruitment Software - Unlimited Applications
Unlimited job posts
Post as many job offers as required for no extra cost!
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Recruitment Software - Networking
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Invite as many colleagues as required to manage your recruitment.
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Recruitment Software - Verification
All candidates are verified to give you peace of mind.
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Recruitment Software - Networking
Skills Assessment New Icon
We offer the option to assess candidates’ listed skills to make sure they are accurate.
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Online Recruitment Software - Networking
Automated Reference Check
Our free Automated Reference Check reassures the recruiter of the candidates’ suitability for the job.
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Recruitment Software - Job Posting Recruitment Software Dashboard
Unlimited Recruiting
ValidCandidate understands that each company has different needs; this is why we offer an unlimited membership across all of our services.
Manage Job Posting
No matter how big or small your company may be, feel free to post as many job applications as you need to fill all the vacancies.
Do not worry about missing out on any candidates. We impose no limit of applications to each individual job offer, so you can be sure to find the candidate you are looking for.
ValidCandidate has an innovative Automated Reference Check system in place that can be used on as many candidates as you want. This service is unlimited and included in your monthly membership price.
We understand that managing an unlimited number of job applications and candidates is best done with collaborative hiring, for this reason companies can add as many members as they require to better manage their hiring process
ValidCandidate is integrated with extensive free and premium career sites to let companies access an unlimited pool of talent including some of the most skilled professionals around the world.

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ValidCandidate is on a mission to be the credible and reliable source for companies, moreover a melting pot of professionals. We take pride to ensure authenticity; therefore we have added significant features that support a standard of trustworthiness.

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Recruitment Software - Verification

ValidCandidate’s verification feature is built to help companies in identifying risk for safety and security reasons. A wide range of available verification tests from education, certification and up to criminal background will add confidence to the hiring steps, giving equal opportunities to qualified candidates.

With ValidCandidate, pre-employment background verification is secured and handled by a team of experts.

Recruitment Software - Skills Assessment
New Icon Assessments

We realise it is a complex process to find professionals with certain sets of skills that match the current opening. Therefore ValidCandidate offers a broad range of assessments; including language, specific skills and subjects.

Supported by our partners of specialists and industry professionals, with the goal of targeting the right tech talents, our candidate assessments are available upon request.

Validcandidate Assessment Feature
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Online Recruitment Software - Networking
Automated Reference Check Coming Soon Icon

Reference checking is an objective evaluation that can be one of the most important steps of any hiring process, because past performances are an indicator of future success. As recruiting becomes more globalised it is not uncommon to see some candidates try and increase their chances of employment by exaggerating on their applications. This is why ValidCandidate offers a free Automated Reference Check on all candidates, to ensure that the employment history, certifications and skill base are accurate. ValidCandidate values both honesty and clarity and aims to ensure that companies are not misinformed when making a hiring decision.

The process has been designed to ensure credibility and has an integrated ‘strength rating’ to indicate the reliability of each individual reference. The strength rating is based on various elements such as authenticity checks against the referrer, work relationship, and time and duration of working together.

Our Automated Reference Check is the first level of credibility and is available to use from the dashboard with no added price. However, if even further reference checking is required this would be available upon request.

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