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Unlimited Applications
We believe in maximising each candidate’s potential so we impose no limits on how many applications you wish to submit.
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Mobile Friendly
Productivity is not only attainable in the office, therefore our platform is optimized for mobiles, giving users flexibility on the go.
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We verify your identity and credentials to increase your chances of being hired.
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Skills Assessment
Supported by specialists and industry professionals we offer a broad range of skill assessments.
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Interactive Hiring
From signup to messaging recruiters all the way to being hired, all processes are done through our platform.
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With the globalisation of the employment market it’s increasingly difficult to stand out amongst all the possible candidates
Create a profile on ValidCandidate and showcase all your skills, talents, education and experiences. Display what you have to offer and capture the interest of businesses to recruit people with your talent skills. ValidCandidate’s profiles are rich in content, allowing you maximum flexibility when deciding what information to provide.

At ValidCandidate you can decide how public your profile is. Choose between three different settings:

Public: All your details, including contacts, will be publicly available for any potential recruiter to find and reach out to you.

Clean mode: Share your skills, languages, education and experience with everyone. All your information will be visible except for your contact details.

Hidden : All your information will be hidden from other users until you decide to make them public again.

Validate your skills with an assortment of badges. ValidCandidate has partnered with a number of professional specialists to offer a whole range of assessments to test your skills and languages. These assessments will demonstrate your aptitude in different skills and languages. Recruiters will therefore be reassured of your capability to fulfil the role they are recruiting for. A greater number of badges significantly increases your chances of being hired.

On ValidCandidate we make sure the recruiters notice how good on your job and trustworthy you are.

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