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A fast-changing business world requires fast, intelligent solutions in order to keep up with modern trends. This is especially important when it comes to employment challenges.

Nowadays, companies struggle more than ever to find quality, loyal workers. The global market became local a long time ago and the world economy has significantly changed.

The workforce has a lot more choices at its disposal, due to the astonishing development of internet technologies. This puts companies in a position to search for employees not just locally but worldwide.

Everyone who has a computer and internet connection could be a candidate for a job. This is called remote employment and these jobs are called remote and flexible jobs / online jobs. This is the future that has already started.


What are Remote Jobs?

Simply put, these are working positions that don’t require any physical presence in the company’s headquarters. Remote workers can do their job from every location with a stable internet connection. They have a complete freedom of choice as long as they are fulfilling their work duties.

What are Flexible Jobs?

This type of employment gives workers options to choose which kind of flexibility they prefer: flexibility in terms of location or flexibility in terms of time. Location flexibility means that you can choose if you want to work 3 days from home and 2 days from the office, for example. Time flexibility means that you can choose to work 4 hours per day from home and 4 hours from the office.


How Anomadic Can Help Companies?

For companies, in order to find top talent, they need to have access to carefully selected lists of candidates and to be able to choose who they need quickly and easily.

We know that companies are facing many obstacles during this process. This is why we've developed the Anomadic platform, which is at the same time a job board where companies can post jobs, as well as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) where companies can speed up their process significantly. These are some of the features you can use:

Post a Job

Promote the position you want to fill in 3 simple steps

Hiring Management

All details that help you to make the right hiring decision.

Create Your Company Presentation

Publicly available page to promote your company

Skill Test and Assessments

Hire with confidence in various assessments to support a standard of trustworthiness.

Candidate Sourcing

Maximize your collaborative hiring with unlimited sourcing management.

Security and Data Migration

Robust and secure, security is our top priority.

Screening Process

Find the right candidate in the crowd.


Find the right candidate in the crowd.

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Anomadic Features

For remote companies, Anomadic offers access to a large pool of remote talent, with positions ranging from developers, writers and accountants, all the way to teachers and translators.

What does Anomadic do for Remote Workers?

We know that it's difficult to find a job board with reliable remote employers that can be trusted with payment and working conditions. Moreover, those job boards have very few positions, outdated job ads or simply no jobs outside of the IT industry. We set out to make all of this history.

Besides being a great place to post a job, Anomadic is an excellent platform to apply for an open position. Here are some of the things that make us different from the rest of the crowd.

Verified Employers

We don’t want companies to scam you, so we ensure their listings and job offers are legitimate.

Large Selection of Positions

We hand-pick the best remote jobs for you so you can do all your job search in one place.

Varied Categories

Most remote job boards offer IT positions only. Anomadic covers everything from accounting and telemedicine to tutoring.

Easy Application

Set up your profile once and add details as necessary. You don’t have to upload your CV, portfolio and references every time you want to apply for a position.

Seamless Communication

No need to use email or chat apps - communicate with employers directly on Anomadic.

Do you want to find a new remote job, more easily than ever, from a verified employer?

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For remote workers, Anomadic offers a range of perks, such as improved work-life balance, no commute, and the freedom to choose their work and set their own hours.