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Skill Test & Assessments

Validating candidate's information

Are you sure you are hiring the right person? ValidCandidate keeps your business safe and protecting your customer by validating candidate's information on several degrees.


Find your purple squirrels. The perfect candidate for the perfect position

We understand it is a challenge to get the best candidates out there, and a limited storage is burden that will make you have less chance of getting your ideal candidate. With ValidCandidate, we ensure you to find your suitable candidates through our unlimited talent pools.

Build your effective talent pool with just a few clicks! No additional fees applied for viewing CVs or accessing your talent pools.


ValidCandidate's reference checking is an objective evaluation that can be one of the most important steps of any hiring process, because past performances are an indicator of future success. It comes with an integrated strength rating that uses an intricate algorithm to define how reliable a reference is.


Automatic Reference Check streamlines the hiring process for company. Referees will receive an email from ValidCandidate on behalf of the company who asks for it. While we verify the references, you can channel your time and energy into other tasks, making the whole hiring process much more efficient.

Hiring Quality Improvement

The greatest advantage of ValidCandidate’s Automated Reference Check is that references provided are more complete and honest. This leads to better hiring decisions and higher quality hires.


Background Check is the highest level of control offered to validate candidates. It is designed to verify the candidate’s clean record and includes a number of checks such as:

Criminal Records

Civil Records


Employment verification

Credit Report

Country ID Check


Imagine if you can verify the candidate's reference from previous jobs, verify their skills for that position, check their level on a specific language? All in one place.

At ValidCandidate we offer Curriculum Validations, to provide company such confidence and reassurance in their hiring selection.
As globalization bring people together, CV Validation is an investment for companies to measure candidate’s profile and ability.

Validation is made manually, and covers below areas such as:

Previous clients

Courses & Certification

Education & Titles

Manual Reference Check


It is a complex process to find professionals with certain sets of skills that match the current opening. From languages to specific skills and subjects, ValidCandidate is able to verify the candidate’s competency for your job opening. Request assessments with just a couple clicks!Simply click on the candidate’s name and when their profile appears choose what type of assessment you’d like to request, if languages or technical skills. The list of assessment is available at ValidCandidate’s e-shop to buy, and use for your chosen candidates!


Check and test your candidate's level of language competencies.
Over 50 languages available!


Strategic Hiring Journey

With goal to define the value of hiring process, recruiters could ask further Reference Validation of a candidate, a manual check that is performed upon request.

Powerful Mechanism

ValidCandidate will verify all of the candidate’s contacts and verify all the references, with at least 1 reference over 80% strength per job position. With an informed cross-verifying process, you may find a promising candidate faster and more accurate.


Supported by our partners of specialists and industry professionals, and result validity up to six months,

ValidCandidate reassures you when making the hiring decision.