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Screening Process

Providing candidates with a fair opportunity

ValidCandidate's pre-screening system is made to give candidates a fair opportunity.Through video reply, candidates can demonstrate their potentials, and our customized questionnaire makes collaborative hiring more effective.


Find your purple squirrels. The perfect candidate for the perfect position

We understand it is a challenge to get the best candidates out there, and a limited storage is burden that will make you have less chance of getting your ideal candidate. With ValidCandidate, we ensure you to find your suitable candidates through our unlimited talent pools.

Build your effective talent pool with just a few clicks! No additional fees applied for viewing CVs or accessing your talent pools.


We do not limit any numbers of applications received for your job openings.
And your job posts can last as long as you need it, so you can always have access to receive unlimited numbers of candidates through your talent pool


Create a tailored application form for each job opening, including various requirements for candidates to fill, such as language, skills, and basic information with an optional video feature that enable them to record their answers.


Define a custom set of questions to share with the candidates, this allowing you to dig further about your candidates profile and knowledge.


Be able to see and hear the candidate before deciding to promote them to the next stage.
ValidCandidate’s video-reply saves your time by asking candidates to upload a short video answering the questions you created.

You can choose whether it is compulsory or optional. The applicant will see it in the application requirements.
If you choose to deactivate the video-reply option, the candidate will answer your questions in written form.


Result completed online! Be able to determine the status of your applicant the moment they apply. Assess your applicants profile through our editable categories.A customised job application form allows you to ask questions that are most relevant to the current vacancy. And you can track score of each candidate at a glance on their profile, so all team can quickly assess each candidate. Know all information you need before you start selecting them.