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Hiring Management

Improve your recruitment process

From visual pipelines up to interview preparation, find out how you can improve your recruitment process to be more effective!


ValidCandidate's hiring dashboard shows you all the necessary statistics and information, such as numbers of job posted, statistics, and editable job posting.
We design our dashboard by utilizing priority placing to key information, all displays are interactive, and allow you to access the raw data behind the numbers.

Candidates Summary

A graph that shows the total status of your candidates, whether they have been interviewed, declined, or hired.

Visit Page

Informs you the effectivity of job openings.

Job Draft

Manage the jobs that you haven’t posted yet. Edit the draft as you like before posting it.

First Contact

See the list and details of each candidate who had been contacted for the first time.


Get a full view of every information needed and progress you need to check. ValidCandidate's hiring pipeline is designed to give you a structured format to check with each job opening.


ValidCandidate's applicant profile is made to streamline between your current vacancy and their full profile.
By having an applicant profile connected with jobs applied, you will always be informed about status of each profile, along with various validation and tests they have done. Click easily to check on specific profile without leaving the page.


Increase communication in your team by easily sharing candidate’s profile to discuss more specifically in just a few clicks.


We include a messaging feature to the system so you can communicate with candidates directly and privately without delays.
Select the candidate and from their profile you may message them to arrange interviews, or simply update them about the hiring process. A messages inbox will help you keep track of your past communications with candidates and let you easily reach out to them if required.ValidCandidate offers unlimited storage so all your message history is safe and accessible whenever you need it!


ValidCandidate offers you the possibility to set the interview before the meeting. Establish a date for interview and the date will appear on the candidate calendar and yours.

Interview preparation

You can even set up individual calendars for separate job offers, as well as interview scheduling for each candidate, this is especially useful for the vacancies with a high number of candidates applications. Feel free to create as many as required and start plotting them with all your scheduled tasks and reminders!

Manage your schedule

Organise your time and tasks with the in-built calendar. Several calendars can be added, allowing different members to organise their individual schedules separately.


ValidCandidate believes productivity is not only attainable in the office, that's why our platform is optimized for all mobiles and handheld devices, giving users flexibility on the go. No matter where you are, as long as you have a working device and connection to the internet you will be able to access your recruitment


No more countless emails, no more stickies everywhere! With one single interface you can manage the whole process from the first contact till the hiring moment. Validcandidate provides you all the necessary tools to manage your recruitment!